Þorrablót 2019!

desember 28th, 2016 Posted in Ísfólkid

The Icelandic Association of Boston will be having their annual Þorrablót the Icelandic Midwinters Celebration on the 2nd of March. Starting at 6pm.

Come celebrate Thor, eat, drink, sing and enjoy the traditional delicacies such as shark, sheep-face jam and fermented rams testicles. As well as many other excellent dishes such as smoked lamb, all dinner items being flown in from Iceland.

Included in the admission fee is a raffle ticket, with one of the prices being a gift certificate from  Icelandair.

Address: 1950 Massachusetts Ave. Porter Sq. Cambridge, MA 02140 (Map below).

Ticket price: $80. (Payment form below).

Please send questions and suggestions to stefan.sigurjonsson@gmail.com

Wikipedia about Þorrablót: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/thorrablot



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